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I truly believe in only partnering where I can make a difference.  This feedback describes projects I take true pride in because they are a testament to the heart and soul I put into my work. 

“I have had the pleasure of partnering with Elizabeth on many projects. She really helps you define what you really envision for your projects and her creativity makes it come alive. She is personable and a joy to work with. Her services allowed me to save some time on various projects so I could focus on some bigger objectives! I would highly recommend Elizabeth with Define 1440!” – M. Fusilier, 3P Leads

“Elizabeth is uniquely suited to assist with just about any project. Because of her diverse experience and industry exposure, she brings a higher-level perspective to solution conversations and plans. Along with her drive for excellence, Elizabeth approaches all challenges with compassion and a genuine desire to help.” – Julie Hebert, ProCo Services

“Elizabeth is a resourceful creative professional. She owns a special talent of organizing information and providing the needed help with inspiring effectiveness. She is also a brilliant communicator who understands the difference in cultures and is able to adapt and tailor her message to her receiver. Elizabeth brings positivity and dynamism to any professional team. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth.” – Amr Ala, L&D Consultant

I have contracted with Elizabeth Bordelon of Define 1440 for several projects. I have been pleased with the quality of her work and her prompt response to my needs. Elizabeth is more than just a designer, she is a partner with a process for getting clarity around your brand and message. I have tried several outsource solutions for my design work and gotten mixed results. I now have a trusted partner in Elizabeth and Define 1440 for my projects going forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to have a trusted provider and not just a transaction. -

Brian Brogen, Build Consulting

“Over the past several years I worked indirectly with Elizabeth through her team and was always very satisfied with her product. Most recently however, I have worked directly with Elizabeth and have been very impressed with her ability to listen to my vision and then come back with her creation, a perfect translation to paper. She has an attention to detail and has managed her work within timelines and the agreed budget. High recommended.” – Marc McGill, Fieldreal

“Elizabeth is amazing at all she does. She has supported my work for over 15 yrs. Her strengths include project management, instructional design, graphics and branding, technical learning systems, cultural assessments, and so much more. She is highly ethical, has a strong work ethic, produces top-notch work, is easy to work with, and has a sincere passion for everything she does. I highly recommend her!” – Diane Dick, Legacy TD


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