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Each day presents 1440 minutes of opportunity.



I am Elizabeth Bordelon — consultant, designer, and owner of Define 1440. I serve my clients by designing custom solutions, especially in the areas of operational excellence, organizational culture, safety, and leadership. My priorities are organizing and presenting information in a way that helps you reach your goals. Working with clients to define their vision and bring it to reality is my true passion.

With over 22 years of experience in everything from marketing to management, I strive to capture my clients’ values and culture to create solutions that meet their specific needs. Every situation is an opportunity to learn, and I seek to discover creative, innovative ways to improve experiences and effectiveness. As your opportunities are unique to you, my approach is to collaborate with you to customize real, sustainable solutions.


Every action you take defines who you are and what you represent to your clients and associates. As business leaders, we have the best of intentions. We often set out on a path with a strategy in place, then reality sets in, obstacles are encountered, needs change, and plans adapt. Often, the path looks quite different from what we envisioned.


It can be challenging to know when and where to begin or how to prioritize tasks, especially once projects are underway. It is even more challenging to find someone who can coach, consult, and execute at both a strategic and project level. From smaller projects, such as branding and reorganizing presentations, to larger projects, such as learning programs and culture transformations, my experience uniquely qualifies me to help clients define their opportunities and bring those to reality.

You have 1,440 minutes in each day, and while you often spend that time working in your business, you must be proactive about working on your business, clearly defining your goals and objectives, aligning them with your culture and values, and letting them work for you. If you do not know where to start, I am here to help.


Situations are not always unique, but the people in situations are.  Inspired by Meraki, a Greek term meaning to put your soul or creativity into your work, I place myself in every situation and seek to understand you and what you are experiencing. 


For me, Meraki is:

  • Partnering with you to discover the best opportunities to impact your future.

  • Capitalizing on those opportunities by collaborating with you to define your future.

  • Creating sustainable solutions to assist in achieving your desired outcomes.


I am dedicated to helping you and your team achieve the success you desire. 


Coaching, consulting, and project work in the following areas:

  • Culture transformation

  • Leadership development

  • Safety leadership

  • Management

  • Process optimization

  • Team building

  • Communications

  • Sales development 

  • ​Strategic marketing

  • Training solutions

  • Training development/instructional design (instructor-led and e-learning)

  • Presentations

  • Marketing collateral

  • Website content and design

  • SharePoint design 

  • Media and PR

  • Video voiceover and production

  • Radio/video commercial copy and production

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